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Our Vision

A safe, healthy, and happy pregnancy for every mom in the world.

Our Story

Millions of babies are stillborn every year. Millions more suffer permanent brain damage because of birth injuries. After witnessing the loss of a stillbirth one night at the hospital, Delfina was born.

Our Mission

To create products that understand and improve pregnancy health; To support physicians in delivering better care to pregnant patients; To empower pregnant patients in making the best decisions for their care.

Our Commitment

At Delfina, we acknowledge the painful histories of exclusion, sexism, and white supremacy that have driven racial disparities in maternal mortality. We are steadfast in our commitment to combat health inequity and racial injustice within maternal care, creating technological innovation and patient-centered pregnancy care for all identities. Read more on reproductive justice and Delfina here.


Delfina’s technology delivers a system which suggests timely clinical insights to healthcare providers and improves healthcare technology workflow efficiency.

Our software organizes patient information securely and privately, optimizing data workflows for physicians and allowing our machine learning algorithms to improve their predictive capabilities with each new patient.

Supportive Technology

We want to put data in the hands of healthcare providers to support them as they drive patient care.

We believe quick access to real-time fetal heart monitoring traces with contextual patient data will improve efficiency for timely decision making by obstetrics teams.

Delfina’s system aims to provide healthcare workers this information wherever they are - whether in the elevator using a mobile device, or seated behind a monitor.

The Delfina system will also assist with the generation of automatic data dashboards for retrospective analysis.

Automated Insights

Delfina software assists in patient management by highlighting higher risk situations for physicians to quickly review.

Moreover, for each patient, our algorithms monitor the fetal heart traces to help call attention to anomalies as they occur.

Over time, our machine learning algorithms, data scientists and clinical experts will use outcomes from each patient the Delfina system has seen to bring automated insights for more indications.

Data Privacy

Keeping patient data private and secure is a deeply held value for Delfina.

We believe that the trust of our healthcare partners and patients is a critical part of bringing our technology into the healthcare setting.

Even after using state-of-the-art anonymization techniques, all data is stored in encrypted HIPAA compliant cloud storage, following industry best practices for minimizing data access with strict audits.

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